Understanding The Turn Key Marketing System Concept And Avoiding Its Pitfalls

The term “TURN-KEY SYSTEM” is becoming more and more visible on the internet as a greater number of marketers attempt to jump on the profit bandwagon of this increasingly popular way to start a home business. This type of system is growing in popularity due to the claim that the potential business owner can “step” into the system and start making money immediately much in the same manner that a new home owner purchasing a “turn-key” house can expect to be able to move right in without changing, fixing, or adding anything.

If this is the way you want to go to start a business on the internet, it can be a viable source of income, but you had better make sure you understand what is meant by “turn-key”, and just what it actually takes to run a successful “turn-key” business. Some of them are more turn-key than others. None of them are so “turn-key” that you simply step into the system and it starts making money for you. All of them require some effort on your part in the area of advertising, and some of them require a lot more than that.

All “turn-key” systems have some level of automation. How much automation they have determines how “turn-key” they actually are. Being more “turn-key” does not equal being a better system, but then neither does being less “turn-key”. An optimal system will have just the right balance of a number of factors. You want the system to be minimal effort, but not so free of the human component that the depersonalization level reduces trust, thus requiring a much higher quotient of traffic to achieve your desired sales. You want the system to require minimal skill, but not to the point where no customization is possible at all on your part. You want to be able to set yourself apart in some manner from all those using the same system and the same type of support components.

All “Turn-key” Marketing Systems have the following components in common:

A Replicated Website. The company provides you with a website/s exactly like the one/s you viewed in the advertising of the system.

Upside: You do not have to create a website to start marketing.

Downside: Everyone else who is using the system has the same website so you are competing with other members of the system.

They all have a product or products they sell. As a marketer using their system you are now selling that product or products.

Upside: The product may be of real substance and quality, and may also be of a nature that it provides support for the marketing system.

Downside: The product may be of poor quality, such as common “e” material that can be found all over the internet for free. Low quality products, when found in these systems, are simply there to keep the system legal, and are really just a way to “legalize” a money scheme. The mark of a quality company offering one of these systems is one that has stand alone products. Meaning products that would be appealing and sellable even without the income opportunity.

They all provide an “income opportunity”. They all provide some type of compensation for the sales that you make through your website. The compensation plans vary in their structure and the level of income represented. They all correspond to the cost of the product/products. Some of them require you to pass up sales while others may not.

Upside: Large income compensation plans can provide an excellent income. Lower income compensation plans go hand in hand with a lower priced product, which may be easier to sell. Plans that require you to pass up sales allow you to receive passed up sales in turn as you develop a downline of marketers coming into the system behind you. Systems that do not require you to pass up sales mean immediate income to you as you make sales.

Downside: Large income compensation plans result from higher priced products, which may be more difficult to sell. Lower income compensation plans can take a long time to develop a lucrative residual income from the marketers coming into your line behind you. Systems that require you to pass up sales mean that you have to wait until you make one or more sales before you are “qualified” to receive compensation. The first sales can be the hardest to get, so this can be discouraging when trying to get started. Systems that do not require you to pass up sales may not have large enough commissions to compensate for the fact that you will not receive 100% commissions from any of your downline of marketers coming in behind you.

All of these systems use “auto responders”. Autoresponders are systems that allow you to send out e-mails to anyone who enters information into a webform on a website where you are advertising. Typically the autoresponder system will be set up so that e-mails are sent out periodically to the recipient prompting them in some form to reconsider purchasing your product and joining your system.

Upside: Some Turn-key systems provide an auto responder with the system. If this is the case you will not have to acquire your own system. You will also not have to attempt to write your own auto-responder e-mails.

Downside: Most systems do not provide an auto-responder. If they do not provide one, you must acquire one yourself and you must write the e-mails for them. If writing ad copy or compliments to ad copy is not a skill you have then you must get someone else to write them for you.

All of these systems use “Splash Pages”. Splash pages are websites separate from your primary replicated site that you use to draw people with catchy magnetic ad copy (written advertising material). These sites will have a webform on them that people fill out with their personal contact information. When they submit the information they will typically be directed to your main site. Sometimes in more complicated systems they are directed to other pages that eventually lead to your main site. The information they leave in the webform will then be used to contact them directly by phone and/or by e-mail with your responder depending on how automated your system is.

Upside: Splash pages can be a very affective way to capture leads (prospects that you will follow up with in an attempt to make a sale). They can also have a “warming” effect on your prospects by leading them in a magnetic way step by step toward wanting your product and income opportunity.

Downside: You may have to acquire other web pages if they do not include splash pages in the system, and you have to fill them with attractive ad copy. If you do not know how to create even simple web pages, or writing ad copy is not a skill you have, you will need to get someone else to do this for you.

All of these systems require that you engage in some kind of advertising. If you do not advertise, all the other aspects of the system will be useless. There are many ways to advertise both online and off line. Some of them require little skill, while others require a lot of seasoned skill. There is no escaping this aspect. There are almost no systems that advertise for you. The very few that offer this primarily use a kind of rotation advertising, where they procure a good advertising position in a particular medium and rotate the URLs of members websites through this position. It is very costly and the amount of advertising time afforded is small per dollar spent.

Learning the ins and outs and skills of advertising is the most challenging and costly aspect of running one of these businesses. This is where success or failure occurs for most.

Upside: If you are already knowledgeable and skilled in the advertising arena, one of these systems could be a quick way to a satisfying income for you. If you are a newcomer to internet advertising, some of these systems provide some training in this area, and a very precious few provide extensive training. Very rarely, extensive training, ongoing support, and extensive sharing among members is practiced. Also rarely, some systems may also provide “turn-key” advertising systems, where particular types of advertising are provided ready-made for adoption into an advertising campaign. If the system requires contact with the prospects to close sales this can provide an opportunity to develop trust and to exercise interactive skills in building your income.

Downside: If you require a big learning curve to become skillful at internet advertising, and your system does not provide extensive training and support, or you cannot afford to pay someone else to develop advertising and advertise for you, you may fail in your attempts to profit with one of these systems. Some systems claim to provide training, but what they provide is really not adequate and does not include ongoing support. If the system requires contact with prospects to close sales, and you do not have interactive skills or salesmanship skills, you may never profit with one of these systems.

Ultimately, only you can do the appropriate research and due diligence in determining if one of these systems is a viable business opportunity for you, but I would recommend in general that the system have the following qualities:

A website that is attractive and appealing to you. If you are not impressed with the website, if you are not sold, how likely is it that anyone else will be?

At some point in following through the website/s you should encounter either through the site itself or a human contact an introduction to a quality product. Sometimes the income opportunity is promoted first, sometimes the product. Neither approach is better or worse, but at some point you absolutely should be introduced to a product presentation and it should present a quality product that you could see purchasing with or without the income opportunity.

It should include a ready-made splash page or pages for your use with the option of creating your own if you so desire, so that your level of skill and ability is accommodated, present and future.

It should include an auto responder for your use with e-mails preloaded, with the option of using your own auto responder if you so desire, so that your level of skill and ability is accommodated, present and future.

It should provide extensive training in advertising. It should provide ongoing training in advertising and all other aspects of the business. Optimally there should be sharing among members as to what works in advertising and other aspects of the business.

It should have a human component, so that the system is not too depersonalized. This builds trust, in the prospective customer or future member. Ideally this human component should consist of seasoned skilled marketers who function as part of the system in closing the sales, with the option of closing your own sales if you so desire, so that your level of skill and ability is accommodated, present and future.

A good quality system should never require you to “cold call” anyone, or to go after a “warm market” (family and friends).

It should have some component integrated into the system that allows you to offset the cost of advertising. And, in advertising training it should include how to utilize free advertising .

Ideally, a quality system should have a very high quality product/s. The cost, commensurate with the worth of the product, should be high enough that a high commission can be earned per sale. There should be no requirement to pass up sales, with a commission structure high enough and skillfully designed, such that not accruing the total sale is irrelevant and residual income is substantial and minimizes your required effort over time. However, the product worth and cost of the product should not be so high that only the affluent can afford to enter the system, as that would greatly narrow your marketing arena.

In my opinion the worst “turn-key” systems out there are those with a low to very low quality product and a low cost to purchase . They have nothing with which to establish longevity. The only thing worse, in my opinion, is a system with a VERY high cost product, that requires you to pass up sales. Spending a huge amount of money (as in over $10,000) to purchase the product and enter the system, only to find yourself in a position where you now have to sell at that cost to one or two others before you make a penny of profit strikes me as just plain unethical. High cost is not bad if the product is worth the price and if you do NOT have to pass up sales.

In short it should be a system that creates the “perfect storm” of components with just the right amount of automation combined with just the right amount of human personalization joined with exceptional training and methods to offset operating cost, so that virtually anyone can come into the system and succeed.

Source by Ellen Mayes

How to Make Your Ex Miss You On Facebook – 3 Tips to Win Them Back

Going through a breakup can be the most traumatizing thing especially when the person who now is your ex and you were deeply in love with each other. One of the most causes of breakups today is infidelity. However, some other reasons can also lead to people breaking up. Such kind of reasons include violence, a nagging boyfriend/girlfriend, extreme jealousy which makes the other person uncomfortable and so many other negative reasons which may make the significant other unattractive. In this article, I will not go deep into the causes of breakups but I will be giving you tips on how to make your ex miss you on Facebook where most exes spy on each other to see how the other person is doing after the breakup.

1. Avoid Posting Messages That Show You Are Miserable

This is number one mistake most people make after a breakup. It is OK to post what you want because it is your wall but saying something like, “without you I will die or without you I am horrible” clearly tells the other person you have nothing going on in your life without them which is very unattractive. Talk about things that don’t target your ex. Doing so, will at least make your ex wonder if you still think about them anymore. When they start getting worried that you are forgetting about them, they will try to find out for themselves what is going on in your life maybe even making a call to “check on you” which in this case, will be a win for you!

2. Make Them See You Are Having Fun Without Them

The main reason why relationship don’t last long nowadays is that couples stay together and do things together most of the time. This repetition causes boredom to set in. The ‘missing the other person’ part is not there anymore and once that part is not there, you can feel like your boyfriend or girlfriend is boring. Choosing to post a picture of you with tear filled eyes and a depressed face saying something like, “I am so bored, can’t wait for this day to be over” is a clear indication you are miserable without your ex. The idea here is how to make your ex miss you on Facebook and not how to make them feel like they need to rescue you from your boredom. Keep yourself busy with activities you love. Go hiking, shopping or swimming with your friends and have some fun! Post all the photos with a big smile plastered on your face even if deep in your heart you feel like crying and see how your ex will react. You will get him/her jealous of who you are hanging out with and maybe if they still love you, this might prompt them to make a move sooner or later with the fear of losing you to someone else.

3. Look Fabulous

When was the last time you looked your best? Probably the day the two of you met! This is the time to make yourself look beautiful. Shop for new clothes and update your overall look. Look gorgeous so that when you think about posting a picture of yourself on Facebook, your ex will drool over it for hours as he/she sees how people are complementing your beauty reminding him/her what they are missing. Looking sloppy won’t make anyone want you again but getting fit and looking your best is a sure way to go! This is an especially important part of learning how to make your ex miss you on Facebook.

However, not all relationships are meant to be. Don’t beat yourself up when things don’t go the way you wanted. Be positive. Do what you can do to make your ex miss you but if they don’t see or don’t care, maybe it’s time you move on. There are so many good men and women out there who will appreciate who you are and treat you the way you deserve! Keep searching you never know who you will meet tomorrow!

Source by Max Grimnar

Top Reasons Why You Should Hire A Digital Marketing Agency

It’s a fact that the future of marketing is digital. While you can market the product/services on your own, you are highly discouraged from doing it. The best way of going about it is hiring a digital marketing agency. The benefits of hiring an agency include:

Save time and money

If you are a small business owner chances are that you are too busy. You have meetings to attend to, phone calls to make, and other business issues. This leaves you little to no time to concentrate on the marketing aspects of the business.

When you hire a digital marketing agency you don’t have to worry of marketing your business as you will have left the work to professionals.

It might sound absurd saying that you save money when you hire an agency to market the business for you, but its true-you save money.

If you were to hire an in-house marketer, you will pay him/her up to $70,000 a year. Hiring an agency costs a fraction of that amount.

You achieve results fast

When you are handling the marketing part of your business you most likely don’t know what works and what doesn’t – you are gambling and guessing. This results to you making many mistakes before you see results.

Digital marketing agencies specialize in marketing; therefore, they understand the inns and outs of every niche. Since the digital marketing mediums change every day, the agencies keep up with the mediums and ensure that they work with the best and most effective medium in the market. Due to this, you see results fast.

Save on technology and tools

To undertake effective digital marketing you need to have the right tools to monitor your accounts, track data and undertake other marketing tasks. As a small business owner, you most likely can’t afford the necessary tools and technology.

When you hire an agency you not only save time and money, you also save on purchasing marketing tools and technology. The tools which can get expensive especially when you have to upgrade them.

Professional experience

Digital marketing agencies are run by educated, trained and experienced professionals. When you hire the agency you bring the knowledge into your business. This results to fast growth of your company.


From the above benefits, it’s paramount that you invest in a digital marketing agency.

For you to hire the right agency you need to consider a number of factors. One of the factors is the experience of the agency. A good agency should have reports and case studies of previous clients. A good agency should also be certified to operate in your local area.

To find the right professionals to work with, you should take your time.

Source by Idd Aziz

What is the Difference Between Blogging and Facebooking?

There seems to be a lot of overlap between what you might put on Facebook versus what you might put in a blog. They can both be personal. They can both contain your personal experiences and ideas, what you are doing and what you are interested in. In other words, they can both be like journals or diaries.

There are some obvious differences in the purpose behind each activity, however. Facebook is more interactive and the audience is, well, your friends. With a blog, the Web world is your potential audience, and your Facebook friends may never even know about or read your blog. Your blog can be interactive as well, as readers can comment on your posts and you can respond. But again, this interaction would probably be between you and a stranger rather than a friend. So there are, or can be, two distinct audiences.

There may be things that you would share with your friends on Facebook that you wouldn’t want your blog audience to know. On the other hand, you may have thoughts or experiences that you are more comfortable sharing with strangers on your blog than you would be sharing it with your Facebook friends.

Finally, your blog should have a theme, a purpose. People should have a specific reason for wanting to visit and read your blog, whether it’s informational, opinion, or promoting business. Your Facebook posts can be random, mundane, spontaneous, it doesn’t really matter because you aren’t trying to attract an audience – you are interacting with friends. So while there is the potential for overlap between Facebooking and blogging, it may be best to draw boundaries and let your audience be your audience and let your friends be your friends.

Source by Ronald Arnott

6 Effective Digital Marketing Tips for Interior Designers

Gone are the days when people used to explore magazines or books to get inspiration for interior design.

The internet has become the main source to get ideas on any topic. As business owners, that means potential customers are browsing Google daily to get inspirations for interior design.

When growing an interior design business, the first question you should ask is, “How do we reach clients and introduce them to our interior design services?” The best way is digital marketing. Digital marketing alone can offer your interior design business a lot of benefits. It can help display your work, meet potential clients, attract new visitors, and get more business leads all at once. The only challenge is to ensure that the digital marketing strategy you’re using is effective enough to achieve and optimize all these things together.

Here are some digital marketing essentials you should use in 2018 to maintain your lead flow and get profit. A strong digital presence takes a lot of effort and time to develop, but these online marketing strategies will provide instant positive results. Have a look at these interior designer marketing strategies:

Build an effective website:

In digital marketing, there is a range of marketing channels but the first point of interaction between a business and a lead is a functional website. This is where people go to learn more about your business and who you are. Your website is an introduction to your services and a showcase of your work. It’s also the spot for visitors to reach and find you when they are looking for the services you provide. Remember, your portfolio is an important part of your business website. Make sure to add some professional images showcasing your greatest works. Try using infographics for better explanations. An impressive website helps you turn your awesome business ideas into a successful brand.

Start blogging:

Blogging is one of the best ways to share your expertise and talent. Start blogging and update your blog once or twice every week for optimal results. You can write anything on your blog you want to write. You can write about your services, share past projects or case studies or simply tips on home decoration. Be professional and post only meaningful things. Make sure your audience realizes how highly experienced you are in your field through your content.

Use social media:

If you don’t have a business account on social media, go and create one now! Account creation on social media is completely free and a great way to stay connected with your target audience and leads. Upload your best project photos to Instagram and Facebook with interesting content to grab your followers’ attention. Post photos of your current projects with catchy taglines. If your followers find your posts attractive, they might share them with their followers too! Pinterest isn’t a social media platform, but it’s a great spot for interior designers to be found. Create boards with photos of well-designed homes and rooms including your past and current projects.

Utilize the power of video:

Incorporating video into your marketing plan is ranking high in strategy these days. One major benefit of using video is that they rank high in search engine results on their own without you having to put much effort in optimization. Try to improve the appeal of your brand portfolio with creative videos. Make an introductory video which explains your approach and tactics to; interior design and share it on YouTube!

Try to display your work or designs through visual mediums and enhance your overall visibility and profile. If you want, you can share these videos on social media platforms or use them into your blog posts to enhance your SEO (Social Engine Optimization) and drive more and more traffic to your business website.

SEO for your interior design business:

One of the most impressive ways to improve your business presence over the web is by utilizing SEO. Start your research for relevant keywords and optimize your interior design website with the best keywords for your business. When it comes to ranking for interior design, there are two major keywords used by people in research. They are ‘interior designer’ and ‘interior decorator’. But, if you’re promoting your brand in a major city, try using ‘interior designer Los Angeles’ for example to rank higher in your area. Don’t forget to mention your niche or specialty. Maybe it’s Coastal Cottage style or Modern Industrial. Whatever it might be, showcase your work and use those keywords! Build single pages so that people come to know your expertise and find your specializations easily.

Maintain your reputation:

There is no doubt that the most influential marketing content for your business is created by your clientele, not you. Online reviews given by your clients work as an honest assessment of your efforts and past projects. Plus, these reviews make a great impact on hiring decisions. Three main things you should focus on:

Every project you undertake has lasting repercussions on your business reputation and marketing efforts. To get great reviews, delight your customers with your quality work. If anything goes wrong, you will get low reviews which impact your marketing.

Always be proactive to get positive reviews from your happy customers. Make efforts and ask all your happy clients to leave good comments.

Monitor all comments about your brand on social media or other platforms to attract visitors.

These are some effective digital marketing tips for interior designers. Use these strategies and make your way to improve your ranking on search engine results and get great benefits for your interior design business!

Source by Monica Garrett

10 Signs He’s Still Facebook Cheating and Texting Her

Facebook cheating and other social network and digital cheating lead the way of cheating evidence according to 81% of the US’s top divorce attorneys per a survey conducted by the American Academy of Academic Lawyers.

Cheating never became more convenient. We arrived to a spike in digital cheating and now your Facebook cheating wife or husband can effortlessly connect with their affair partner undetected- well, at least for a little while.

Maybe you are the one who has not caught your spouse performing disloyal acts yet and you need some kind of “How to Catch a Cheating Husband Tips 101” report to uncover the truth.

Perhaps you are the one who already drove down that rocky road of discovering your spouse’s infidelity. It all started after you found mysterious receipts for jewelry or flowers- never to receive them. Or maybe you are the one who caught your wife red-handed leaving a hotel room with your best friend.

So at this point you are either the one entering the “joyful life” of living with a life-zapping adulterer or you sense the repeat offender is back to play with his or her bag of tricks. Either way- you feel the ground shaking beneath you from the emotional earthquake and you want answers.

Scan these humorous and sarcastic, but realistic red flag signs you’re dealing with a Facebook cheating wife or husband.

10 Alarm-Ringing Signs You’re Married to a Digital or Facebook Cheating Wife or Husband

1. Strange Friend Requests. No, you don’t know those strange people from the Facebook friend requests who live 300 miles away, but your wife’s boyfriend does and now Facebook is just doing what Facebook always does to connect her circle of friends with yours.

2. His Phone Caught a Cold. The biggest key how to catch a cheating husband or wife is noticing a sudden change in patterns. Did he blow out his speakers listening to Kenny G? Did his phone come down with laryngitis or catch a cold? Not likely? WTH? Why out of nowhere did his phone stop ringing- ALL THE TIME? They don’t want you to hear when a text arrives from their lover of course. He simply placed in on silent mode.

3. New Found Love of Walking. Again another pattern change. She never exercised before and now she is obsessed with it. She takes a walk down the street before work and when she comes home. Any excuse she can make to escape your view in order to Facebook message, text or call him.

4. Facebook Posting Addiction Pill. Some people suffer from Facebook posting addiction. They post that grainy pic of the hamburger they ate for lunch- that’s important news; they post a pic of every angle of their poodle wearing a hat and drop a famous (or never-heard-before quote) every hour. She did. Now she doesn’t. Did she find a cure for her addiction? No, but she sure isn’t going to post pics of hugging her boyfriend at the park for her friends and family to see.

5. Shrinking Bladder Syndrome. You wonder why he runs to the bathroom so often when he doesn’t eat that much. Is he finally cleaning? Did his bladder get smaller? Did he find the next new diet craze or is he consuming hours of Facebook chatting time with his new hot co-worker “friend”? You don’t even hear him tinkling. Does the pee just vaporize?

6. Facebook Server Malfunction. It happens. Servers malfunction and images go missing on websites. It happened to me a few weeks ago to my website, but I’m sure that doesn’t explain why all those images of you two on family vacations or romantic dinners together suddenly go missing. Deleting pics on Facebook is his/her attempt to prove to their affair partner that they like you less and their lover more. Will they end up happily ever after?

7. Lost Wifi Connection. “When I’m around he’s never connected to Facebook, and when I’m away he’s always connected,” you wonder. OK so it’s not faulty Wifi connection. It’s faulty romantic connection with you and he’s sneaking off during his lunch break pouting to his lover through Facebook how much he loves her and “things just aren’t same anymore” with you. I guess Wifi works fine at his job.

8. Sense of Humor Abducted by Aliens. She used to think you were the stand-up comic of the year, at least that’s how she made you feel when she laughed at every single one of your dry knock-knock jokes. I guess you just don’t have it anymore. Maybe it’s a sign of alien intrusion and they’re zapping you of your powers. Or maybe when she only seems to laugh and smile while Facebook chatting and texting it’s because she found the new comic of the year- her new boyfriend!

9. The Vanishing Phone Trick. “Check this out honey. Every time you enter the room I make my phone disappear.” No, your husband didn’t learn new cheesy magic wizardry. Don’t worry he’s not going to quit his job to become the next David Copperfield. You’ve got more important things to worry about like with whom he’s Facebook cheating and texting while you’re taking a shower.

10. Apparent Vitamin B Intake Increase. I read that vitamin B can help improve your memory. Maybe that explains his new ability to remember a whole slew of passwords. He never used to input passwords anything. The computer and phone saved them for all his accounts including his email and Facebook accounts, but he certainly can’t afford them to auto-populate on your shared laptop, tablet or his phone. He’s got secrets he’s hiding- and they’re not the latest research on how to obtain the memory of a recent MIT grad.

All jokes aside, this is no laughing matter. These are just a handful of signs your spouse is Facebook cheating or performing some kind of digital cheating behind your back.

Source by Orlando Candela

How To Attract Money Using Meditation

What we constantly think about, we will attract. So if we think about money all the time shouldn’t money come to us? It doesn’t seem so because people who are broke think about money all the time but they are still broke. So what is the right technique for attracting money?

Yogic masters say that the third eye cakra is the seat where creation takes place. Meditating on a thought with a feeling in the third eye will bring it into reality. Quantum physicists find this to be true too. There have been many experiments to prove this theory.

The third eye, or scientifically called the pituitary or pineal gland, is under the mid-brain. It is the organ that connects you with the universe. The cerebellum is negative. Thoughts come and go all the time in the cerebellum and it will always say no to you. So logically if you put money thoughts in it, money will never materialize. Unfortunately a large proportion of us never realize this fact..

The pineal gland is very direct and does not judge. Whatever thought you put into the pineal gland, it will interpret it as so. Thus if you tell the pineal land that you want money means that you are currently broke and will always be so. Instead, if you project a picture of wealth surrounding you, such as an expensive house or car with heaps of money, and you are having tremendous joy with this experience, the pineal gland takes that as your current reality and gives more of it to you.

The activation of the third eye cakra and all the other cakras is through meditation. Commonly known as cakra meditation, specific quantum sounds or mantras are chanted for activation.

There is a specific quantum sound or mantra for each of the cakras and each one complements the other. When practised consistently, each of the cakras come alive and serve their intended purpose. The meditation and the mantras when done together create a feeling that activates manifestation in the pineal gland.

So to attract money, this is the general technique:

1. Meditate using quantum sounds/mantras to activate the 7 cakras in the body

2. Let the kundalini energy rise through the spinal column

3. Put a thought in pineal gland

4. Create a feeling using quantum sounds

5. Thank the universe and disconnect

Sit back and let the universe do its work.

Source by Azmi Adnan

How Digital/Online Marketing Can Boost Your Career Within 6-8 Months – Find Out Now

The birth of Digital Marketing:

Marketing has seen a significant transition from traditional offline to online marketing. Practically all businesses have an online presence in 2018. Businesses that have not recognized this trend of digital/online advertising, really need to adopt one fast! We are in a digital era today, every people we see walks around with a phone, tablet, laptop etc and there is no surprise to find out why digital marketing has over powered traditional offline one. Let us take a look why digital marketing will change your business promotion forever.

One shall learn the latest skills which are needed: It is great to learn something new, but even greater if it can be a business generating force. Approximately 1 in 5 people have shifted to digital advertising because of its cost effectiveness and potential to reach a large amount of audience globally.

Mistakes will not cost you: Make a faulty banner for a hoarding space, you will lose your money on corrections, printing charges and advertising space rent. Digital marketing is all about trial and errors. More errors you make, more better you will be at it. Even the big players in the game do make mistakes when they try something new.

Be unique and you shall be rewarded: Not following the standard norms of marketing and exploring your creativity to the fullest, you can attract business by innovating strategies like never before. You shall be rewarded for doing things differently and people will follow you.

Budget friendly: Many strategies in digital marketing are practically organic. You only require to pay for your website designing which is very nominal and or using pay-per-click campaigns which you can select as per your budget. The main strategy revolves around advertising your brand with good content and optimization all over the internet. Invest in skills and not promotions.

Satisfaction guaranteed: Digital marketing is a number game. Every strategy is measured before improvising. Many tools provide you with various graphs which shows visitors to your website, clicks on your website, location of the visitors, what device they use to get to you and much more. Everything is measured and satisfying to watch how your efforts make a change to your advertising strategy. Unlike traditional offline marketing, getting daily or monthly realtime statistics is easy with digital marketing.

Verticals in digital marketing you need to acquire skills for: The term “digital marketing” comprises of various verticals like:

  • Website development
  • Content writing
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Pay-per-click campaigns
  • AdSense, affiliate marketing
  • Blogging
  • Article writing and submissions
  • Google analytics
  • E-commerce
  • Mobile advertising

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Didn’t Get Hired Because of Facebook? You’re Not Alone

According to recent surveys, 70% of surveyed HR workers in the U.S. admitted to rejecting a job applicant because of his or her internet behavior. For the most part, these “internet behaviors” refer to the posting of inappropriate photos and content on social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. In addition to not getting the job, there are countless cases of employees who post content about their crappy bosses or how they wish a fellow coworker would drop dead in the office. Whether your job hunting or like the benefits of being employed, how should you handle social networking so that it doesn’t screw up your life?

If you were an employer, you would do it to!

Let’s not point fingers and label employers as “evil” for looking us up on the internet. The fact is, we live in a different age than people did just 15 years ago. Information about anything, or anyone, is readily available around the clock for anyone who wants to know, including your employers. Can you blame them? Let’s say that you’re in charge of hiring a new employee, and that you interview three applicants. You go home, jump on the computer to check what your friends have posted on Facebook. The temptation is irresistible. All you have to do is type in the applicants’ names and presto, you will get an instant perspective on how these people actually live, contrary to the way they presented themselves during the interview. And here’s the thing. During the interview process, all three applicants seemed very capable for the job, and all three seemed very professional. (It’s not that hard to act professional and responsible for a thirty minute interview). After looking up each of their profiles on Facebook, you quickly learn that two of the applicants seem to party excessively and say very inappropriate things, while one of the applicants has a private profile. How will this affect your hiring decision?

How to handle social networking sites so that you don’t get screwed over

If you’re still in college and not yet seeking real job opportunities, then by all means, post all your drunk photos and scandalous comments. Who care’s? However, the moment you start looking for a real job, or even an internship, you need to start being responsible with your postings.

If you think you might have content online that could jeopardize getting hired, the very first thing you need to do is make all of your online profiles private, especially Facebook. Facebook is currently dominating the social networking scene with a whopping 300 million users. There’s a good chance that your potential employers will be savvy enough to dig up your dirt on Facebook. Once you’ve landed a new job, don’t ever post anything negative about the company you work for, your coworkers, or your bosses, period. All it takes is one negative comment to change how your coworkers and superiors think of you, which could definitely impact your career.

On the flip side, your online presence can also help your career. If you’re actively involved with charities or non profit groups, or if you regularly blog about content relevant to your career, be sure to take the necessary steps to make those activities as viewable and accessible as possible.

Good luck!

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If Your Girlfriend Left You Over Money Problems, You Need to Take Action

What is the number one reason most relationships break up? Terrible sex? Too much nagging? Incompatibility? Another lover? You just drifted apart? It’s none of these. By far, the biggest reason that relationships fail can be summed up in one word: Money.

If you have money problems, then you have big problems. Nothing creates tension and hardships like persistent hassles with bills, paying rent, making a car payment – or maybe even not being able to afford a car at all! If your girlfriend left you over money problems, then you have one of the most difficult situations to remedy. Getting an ex-girlfriend to come back to you is hard enough the way it is. It’s even harder when you are hard up for cash.

But before we get all depressed about this situation, let’s get some perspective. Many guys think that if only they were rich, or at least well off, their girlfriend would have never left them. It’s not as simple as that. If you don’t believe it, just tune into what is happening with the rich and famous around the world, be it movie stars or royalty. It quickly becomes apparent that people with a lot of money have no better luck – an obviously sometimes a lot worse luck – with staying within a relationship. How many movie stars can you think of in the next five minutes who have two, three or maybe four divorces under their belts?

The fact is, having a lot of money is no guarantee of relationship success. If you are feeling sorry for yourself because your girlfriend left you over financial problems, then it’s time to start rethinking the whole situation. You could be filthy rich, and she might have left anyway.

What does this tell you about money? Clearly, it makes no difference how much you have or how little you have. If the fundamentals of your relationship are strong, even a terrible money situation should not be an excuse for your girlfriend to leave. Money is only a convenient excuse, an outward factor.

Okay, but let’s also recognize that while money may not be the ultimate reason she left you, it certainly was a contributing factor. That’s because constant stress over money creates an overall climate of tension and struggle. It is very difficult for any relationship to thrive in an environment of constant struggle.

Incredibly, many guys do exactly the opposite thing they should do when they have money problem, and their partner leaves – they plunge themselves into even more debt! That’s right!

There is something about relationship problems that can drive many men to lose all common sense. For example, they think that if they only had a nicer car, maybe their girlfriend would come back to them. So they pull out all the stops, marshal all of their resources, and take out a huge loan to get some new wheels. So now they have a shiny new car, and even more debt and payments to worry about. To get that new car, maybe they had to take out a second mortgage on their house, or run up huge debts on credit cards.

Other guys blow cash on some kind of bribe – maybe an expensive piece of jewelry to dangle in front of their ex in a desperate attempt to lure her back. Even if this works in the short term, as soon as the new load of bills start coming due, the stress level increases to all-new levels. Under these conditions, the relationship is probably doomed.

So the first step in getting your ex-girlfriend back if she left you over money stress is to start tackling your problems one at a time. The last thing you want to do if you have money problems is to get entangled into even more money problems. What you need to do is start getting your financial life under control. Rather than buying a new car – maybe it’s time to sell the one you have!

It’s all about making priorities in your life. You have to decide if you want to put your relationship and personal life first, or continue to be a slave to all of your bills. Of course, getting one’s financial life in order is never an easy task. If you think you can’t handle it by yourself, by all means, seek out some financial counseling from a professional. This does not have to cost you a dime. There are many free debt counseling services – especially in these tough financial times – that are available to you. Take advantage of them. Get some help formulating a solid plan to start paying down you debts, and to start earning more money.

Just taking that first step toward getting your financial life under control can be a tremendous relief. You will immediately get the feeling that you are finally doing something positive to take back control of your life. When you start getting financial control, you start reducing that all-pervasive stress that is tormenting you, and which made your relationship a living hell. It’s a sad fact of our modern society that, even when two people love each other, a general condition of financial stress can cripple even great relationships.

So let’s say you do the hard work, make the tough decisions and start the process of getting into a more financially stable position – but at the same time, you still have this other problem – the fact that your girlfriend is gone! It all can seem pretty overwhelming, and it is! That’s exactly why you have to take a deep breath, realize that the toughest problems are not solved easily or overnight, and take things one day at time.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t start taking the first steps to repair your busted relationship and take action to get your ex-girlfriend back. It might not be a bad idea to communicate with your ex and tell her what you are doing. Maybe write her a letter, and tell her something like:

“I know times have been tough, and that we argued a lot about money. I don’t blame you for not wanting to live a stressful life filled with constant worry over bills, or never having any money for us to go out and do anything fun. I really think my money problems were a big contributor to our break-up. Again, I don’t blame you, I blame myself. I just wanted you to know that I am taking positive steps to get my financial situation under control. I never want to have money problems again. I hope you will give me the time to get myself into a better position. If I do, I really think our relationship could be special again. I hope you will give me the time to right my ship, and maybe even consider coming back to me when I am in a better position, and when there won’t be so many problems for us to constantly worry about or argue over…”

… Or something along those lines.

Note that this in merely an example of the kind of letter you might write to your ex-girlfriend. But notice that the message in our example does not beg or blame. You only “blame yourself” and you also don’t beg your girlfriend to come back to you. You’re just letting her know that you still care about here, and that you are making positive changes in your life because of her. You can’t lose with this approach. Many girls would be flattered that their former boyfriend cares enough about them to want to radically transform their own lives, and strive to make a better world for the both of you.

Still, you may have to give it time. Money problems just don’t go away over night. If you have really serious money problems, things might even get worse before they get better. But until you get to the root of the problem, and remove financial stress from your life, it will be extremely difficult to get your ex-girlfriend back. And even if she does come back, she may only leave again once all the old money problems resurface again.

If there is anything positive about a broken relationship, it’s that this tough situation helps us to re-examine our lives to find out what is wrong them, and it forces us to make overall improvements in our situation. Getting control of money problems is one of the best things any guy can do – and it sets the stage for a stable and happy relationship that will last forever.

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