High Ticket Marketing – 4 Methods to Advance With High Ticket Marketing

In order for people to find your quality products and services, you’ve got to be marketing maybe 90% of your time. The best way to market, at least in my experience, is through massive article marketing article writing. This works really well because after you put in the initial effort of writing and submitting your articles to article directories, people interested in your niche market topics come and get free copies of your articles. They then publish your articles either on their websites or in their niche market newsletters. When you give your quality information away for free in the article directories, others already interested in your niche help spread the news of your expertise. This leads to sales! Read through to discover 4 methods to advance with high ticket marketing.

1. There is a huge difference between investing and spending money. Make sure you talk all about the benefits of investing in one’s future rather than comparing it to spending money on a short-term item (like buying a hamburger.) When you buy a burger, you’re spending money. When you buy a high ticket coaching program membership, you’re making a wise investment because the long term return on your investment makes you able to earn more money. That’s way different than spending a few dollars to get a burger. Make sure your prospect sees the difference between the two concepts before you tell him or her the price of your program.

2. If people are not buying from you, it may be because your sales message is unmotivating. Or, perhaps your article marketing articles are unappealing. So, one way to increase sales is to change what you’re saying in your sales content.

On the other hand, when you create a dynamic sales message where people instantly see the value in your content, you can charge Godzilla sized prices and get it! What you are doing is appealing to people’s natural self-absorption for greed. So, make sure you include those free digital e-books and audio teleseminar recordings. Make sure your program content is of high quality and make sure your sales materials create high conversion rates. If your conversion rates are too low, change the marketing content! Test, test, test. That’s what marketers do until they get the result they desire.

3. Creating free bonuses in your sales materials is a great way to convert sales. Of course your prospect should associate the bonuses with information tying in with your coaching program goals for an improved life. For example, if you were selling a coaching program that shows how to completely and successfully run an online business, a bonus e-book titled, “How to Convert More Prospects by Speaking the Secret Buying Language of Any Prospect” would be a relevant and appealing bonus.

4. Bonuses work well because everybody naturally likes free stuff. Just saying the word free is a powerful, magnetic word for people. So, make sure you use words appealing to the masses as you write your marketing copy and title your information products.

Source by Sean Mize

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