Are Facebook Photos Public Property?

Facebook’s terms of service expressly state that by uploading any kind of content, whether in the form of photos or material, you are automatically assigning copyright control to Facebook. All photos you upload to Facebook therefore become the property of Facebook. This means that Facebook can sell copies of photos posted by you without paying you any form of profit. Whenever you share photos with your Facebook friends you are giving up ownership of any intellectual property rights you may own in the photos you upload.

This applies whether or not you post the photos to a publicy accessible area of Facebook or not. By posting photos to any area of the Facebook site you are granting an irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive global licence, including the right to sub-licence, use, copy, publicly perform, reformat, translate, distribute and the right to make derivative works of the photos to Facebook. When you decide to remove the content that licence may not necessarily terminate and Facebook have the right to retain archived copies of material posted.

This is the reason some subscribers choose to upload smaller photos to Facebook, namely to deter people re-using them, as smaller photos will be of lower quality and grainy in appearance. However you need to remember that whenever you upload a full-sized photo you are granting Facebook the right to save a copy of the photo on their servers, which they are then free to modify and adapt.

If you still choose to upload your photos to Facebook, ensure that the images you upload are resized low resolution photos which to reduce the prospect of them being re-printed or re-used in ads. If you upload the original size photos, Facebook have the right to use your photos for any commercial purposes without giving you any credit or compensating you.

The only foolproof solution for those who do not want to lose control over their photos is not to upload them in the first place. People often post their photos to their blogs or to a photo sharing website such as Flickr to retain ownership of their photos. However, in reality once photos are posted on the internet and available for viewing by anyone, they are in the public domain.

Anything posted on publicly accessible areas of the internet becomes a public record. Determining what areas of the internet are public and what areas are private isn’t straightforward. Having control over the ownership of the property in your photos won’t necessarily guarantee that your photos will remain private once posted on the internet.

Whilst you can set your privacy settings on Facebook so only your friends can see photos you upload, there are numerous ways people can circumvent these protections. There is no guarantee that you can ensure the privacy of your photos on Facebook via the use of privacy settings.

It is safer to assume that whenever you post photos anywhere on the web people can acquire and use them for purposes which you would not consent to and which could be embarrassing and illegal. Photos are often be stolen on the internet and used for the purposes of identity theft or pornography without the subject and/or owner ever being aware.

If you wish to share photos on the internet it is preferable to use a secure private network in which content is encrypted and served using peer to peer technology. Whenever data is stored on a central server it is susceptible to being hacked.

Often photos are uploaded onto Facebook without the person uploading them even having lawful ownership of the copyright in the photos. It is naive to think that Facebook or other social networking sites have the time to check the copyright status of every image that is posted on their site or is copied and pasted from their site to another site on the internet.


Wherever photos you post on Facebook contain images of other persons, it is advisable to obtain a release from the subjects in the photographs. There are many situations where photos are posted on Facebook which are not the subject of copyright ownership by the person who posted them.

In order to have such photos removed a person must apply to Facebook or obtain a Court order. This may involve proving that the offending image infringes Facebook’s terms of service or the common law.

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Online Database – Key Advantages And Disadvantages

Database in a business scenario is commonly associated with a list of leads or customer information, though in a more technical environment it can also be referred to as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle or Sybase. Traditionally available offline, databases have also spread across the online horizon delivered over the internet and available on a monthly subscription basis. Though Wikipedia gives you a wide list of online databases, here I’ll mention only about the advantage and disadvantage of getting your data online and forming an online database of your own.

Since the past ten years we have been collecting data using spreadsheets and enhancing our skills to convert it into a database which comes in handy later. Microsoft Access, SQL and Oracle has come along a long way supporting spreadsheets as the complexity of the database increased and it started falling apart. But these databases were available only on a single desktop or accessed over a LAN connection to an in-house server. Easily tackling the desktop spreadsheet applications in the mid-field, web-databases are closing in to score and has become the lifeline of people moving their data online. Most of these web-databases are hosted in a Cloud environment and protected by SSL encryption and a secure log-in with proper User Access Control.

Some advantages of using an Online Database

Online – As the name suggests, an online database can be accessed from a web browser from anywhere in the world. With Cloud Computing coming to the foreground, it is much easier to host an online database in an elastic public cloud making it more scalable and secure.

Elasticity – A web-based-database can hold infinite data and is totally elastic in nature. Whenever there is a surge in data flow, more storage space can be allocated and scaled up and down based on requirement.

Multi-tenancy – A public cloud database is generally multi-tenant in nature. This means the same database can be used by multiple customers on a shared model where you pay only for the space you use.

Pay-Per-Use – Monthly subscription based pay-per-use model makes online databases look quite lucrative where you do not need to invest a huge Cap-Ex on licensed software.

Limitations or disadvantages of an Online Database

Security – One of the gravest concerns of using a web-database is security. With not many security standards available in the Cloud Computing model, most of the users are worried about putting their financial data online.

Switching – Another concern when selecting an online database is switching. Different databases support different formats and switching from one to another becomes a pain thereby increasing switching cost.

Downtime – There are times when the server can be down because of multiple reasons which can lead to huge data loss and inaccessibility thereby causing great losses to customers.

Online database can improve your productivity in many ways and can serve multiple functions. You can customize an online database according to your business workflow or simply use it for data collection and information sharing. Web-based-databases work on different environments, so that is the biggest advantage you can get.

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What’s the Best Way to Make Money at the Dog Track?

Success at the dog track is measured by how much money you make. It’s as simple as that. If you walk out with less money than you walked in with, you have a problem. If you walk out with more money than you walked in with, on a regular basis, you’re a winner. Of course, we all have our losing days, but you need more winning days than losing ones.

So, what’s the best way to make sure that your bankroll grows rather than shrinks? While there are a lot of different ways to handicap greyhounds, I think that there’s only one way for most people to get to where they can make money at the track almost every time they go. You do it by starting small and building up to making bigger bets.

Your instinct might be to make big, complicated bets – wheeling and keying dogs in trifectas and superfectas. Unless you have very deep pockets, phenomenal luck and fantastic handicapping skills, you’ll lose your shirt. Instead, here’s the best way to win money and keep more of it at the dog track.

Start with win bets. Find the best dog in a race and bet it to win. Use a good handicapping system and don’t bet too many bets on a program. Betting every race is the quickest way I know to empty your pockets and get discouraged. However, DO handicap every race. Play the ones you’re surest of and just watch the rest and see if your pick wins.

No one can pick a winner in every race, I don’t care how good they are at picking dogs. On a program with 10 races, the average beginner should bet no more than 3-4 dogs. Do that until you’re hitting enough so that you’re ahead on almost every program. It’s very important to keep good, written records of your picks. No changing your mind after the race because you would have picked a dog. Be honest with yourself and keep track of your wins.

When you get to where you’re picking enough winners to make a profit on them on a regular basis, increase the amount of your win bets. That’s all there is to making a consistent profit at the track. Once you’ve mastered this, you can go on to quinielas, trifectas and even superfectas. But until you develop your handicapping skills, stick with small win bets on a few races. It’s very hard to do, but worth it in the long run.

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Digital Marketing, a Must Today

The key purpose is to sponsor brands through various types of digital media. When one talks about digital marketing, it pretty much extends beyond just internet marketing! In fact, is also takes into account mediums that do not oblige the use of the internet. That comprises cell phones, social media marketing, search engine optimisation, search engine marketing, as well as any other type of digital media.

Most professionals consider that ‘digital’ is not as simple as it seems. A prerequisite is that an entirely novel approach to promotion and a novel understanding of customer behaviour is required. For instance, it requires companies to examine and compute the worth of tweets on Twitter, downloads of apps on mobile devices and the worth of likes on Facebook.

Here are few of the Digital Marketing Companies in Noida

1. Digitalabs

Digitalabs is a digital marketing agency that endorses the fact that the digital world is continually evolving. They pretty much aim for the same. The company was established in 2010. At Digitalabs, the management gives precedence to performance and not simply the age. They are working with the top national and international brands. Approach them if you believe in constantly evolving with the digital world!

2. Digital360

This Digital Marketing Company, as its name suggests, has a whole solution for any and every digital branding purpose. They make certain to supply the client best branding solution with all needed support and assistance. They develop the digital marketing solution customised, keeping the need of the client in mind. Packages offered meet both the budget and need of the client. They also understand the rising competition of online branding and for the same; they present a range of online branding solutions that will totally help to attract potential customers. With this, the ultimate objective of increasing the business can be easily met! Contact them if online branding is what you want!

3. Blue Digital

Blue Digital is a digital marketing agency. They have an excellent team of trained professionals and are very good at what they do. They survey the latest technologies and are always up for any challenges posed to them. If you are looking for a digital marketing firm that can present you a comprehensive package in terms of design, development as well as marketing, go for them. Blue Digital is one firm that has always stood in the time frame and provided excellent solutions every time. They are very professional and quick with their execution. Some of their specialities are Content Writing applications like CRM systems, Pay Per Click Management, Brand Reputation Management and any complexities to aid their clients worldwide.

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How to Add (and Remove) Twibbons to Your Twitter and Facebook Avatars

Twibbons, or “Twitter ribbons” in support of a cause, event, sport, country, or anything else, add an extra touch of fun and personality to your social media avatars. You will likely have seen them around Christmas when people add Santa hats to their avatars; around November when people add poppies; or during the Ashes or any sporting World Cup when people pin their national colours to their avatars, to name a few popular examples.

As the whole point of Twitter and Facebook is fun and personality, I very much encourage you to have a play with twibbons – though the standard rules of common sense apply if you’re using social media to promote your business and choose something particularly political to support! You know best if it fits with your brand, but I’d recommend you keep it light, especially if you’re just starting out in social media.

However, if you’d like to join in the fun, it’s very easy to do.

I. Adding a twibbon to your avatar

  1. Go to the Twibbon website (link provided in step II.)
  2. Log in using either your existing Facebook or Twitter login (depending on which one you’d like to add the twibbon to).
  3. Search or browse for the twibbon you’re after (ie, “Santa hat”).
  4. Once you’ve selected the one you want, click “Support this” next to the image.

And you’re done! Some of them, like the santa hats, will give you the opportunity to resize it or reposition it in relation to your mug, so there will be an extra step here, but that’s basically all there is to it.

The tricky thing for many people is how to get rid of the twibbon once you’ve got it there.

II. Removing a twibbon from your avatar

  1. Go to
  2. Log in using either your Facebook or Twitter login.
  3. In the very top right corner of the screen you will see your Facebook or Twitter name, and then “(My Profile)”. Click it.
  4. In the middle of the screen you will see your current avatar, complete with twibbon. Just above that you will see two tabs: one says “Profile”, and this is the tab you’re currently on. The second says, “History”. Click it.
  5. Choose the old, original avatar you want to go back to and click “Revert” underneath it.
  6. On the next screen, confirm your choice by clicking “Make this my profile image”.

And that’s all there is to it! Have fun with your twibboning!

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How Much Should I Charge For My Online English Lessons By Using Skype?

Hello Online English Teachers!

The title of this article is a tough question. Why? There are many things to consider when you are pricing your live online English lessons by using Skype.

Are you only conducting English conversations (thus you don’t have to prepare much)? Are you teaching varying levels of grammar, vocabulary, and how much time did you put into making the lessons? How long are your sessions? Do you use a textbook? Do you give homework and grade it outside of your scheduled English lessons? How much experience and certification do you have? Are you marketing to only one specific country or to the world?

It makes sense that the more time you put into the preparation, the more you should charge for your online English lessons. So how much is too much? How much is too little? These two questions are darn near impossible to answer, especially when you teach on a global scale!

Some countries will think 20 bucks an hour is outrageous! How dare you teach English online for that much!

But then some countries will feel guilty because they are taking advantage of your cheap prices. I actually had a student from a well-to-do country in Europe, and at one point she told me she felt guilty about paying so little for a package she had bought (she paid 500 dollars). She still bought it, but how many prospective students from her country saw my prices and thought, “Wow! Those are too cheap; there must be something wrong. Those cheap prices are too good to be true.”

It’s a balancing act! You want to find the most amount of students at the highest price possible.

I used to sell my lessons based on a “point system.” 2 points would buy a student one conversation, and 2.5 points would buy one “Power Lesson” which is everything else (vocabulary, American slang, grammar, listening, pronunciation, or a specially designed lesson). The more points they bought at once, the better deal they got.

I believe 20 to 25 dollars for 50 minutes is a good price to attract most countries, but for those countries who are used to paying a truck-load (like 40 to 60 dollars an hour), I’ve done something kind of interesting.

I priced my original amount between 40 to 50 dollars per lesson, but then I heavily discounted it (by 50% or more). I did this so countries like Japan would see the original price and (perhaps subconsciously) attach value to it because the price was “high and respectable.”

Now when they see your discounted prices on your online English school, they will feel like they’re getting a bargain (they like to go bargain shopping…or as they say in Japan, I go to shopping.). Also, since the prices are for a limited time, and they might go up soon, this puts a “sense of urgency” into their minds: “I must buy it now if I want that great deal. It will double in price soon!”

You should constantly experiment with prices every two or three weeks to find the “sweet spot.” Good luck! I hope this article helps you on how to teach English online and get money.

Source by John D Buchanan

How to Make More Money As a CNA

The other day a co-worker told me about her salary journey as a CNA. After completing her CNA classes she immediately started to look for a job and was a little shocked to see that the pay rates were surprisingly low. But she was confident and decided that she wanted to be a CNA not primarily because of the salary, but in order to help others and hoped that with more experience her salary would go up. Now it is five years later and her CNA salary has indeed increased, however, not as much she’d have liked. In my opinion, it really is a huge problem for many CNA who put their heart and time into this demanding job and the income doesn’t increase much with time. Therefore, here are four options to help you maximize the money you can make as CNA.

Location, Location, Location

Do you know that the starting pay of a CNA varies widely between different states? According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics CNA earn an average annual salary of $24,190 or $11.63 per hour (2011 data). However, depending on the state you work in the actual salary could be $23,500 (in Iowa) or $32,000 (in New York) or anywhere in-between. Therefore, if you are mobile and want to travel you stand a good chance to increase your salary as a CNA simply by moving to a different state.

Unfortunately, there is a catch. The cost of living in or near New York is notably higher than the cost of living in Iowa. Thus, although your income can be 35% higher in New York, you might end up having less in the bank after rent, taxes and food. However, though they may be an expensive states to live in – who wouldn’t desire to move to New York City or Hawaii?

Consider that if you move to another state, you also have to transfer your CNA license. To do so visit the website of the state’s Nurse’s Aide Registry and find out how you can transfer your license to this state. Alternatively, in case you are still thinking of becoming a CNA and want to explore the United States, You can also move to your preferred state after your initial training and obtain the CNA license there directly. It saves time and money.

Not All Work Settings Are Equal

With a CNA license you can find work in numerous settings. You could start in nursing facilities, community care facilities, hospitals, or possibly even as a home health aide. Depending on the place you go the salary can be quite different.

Nursing Homes

Many certified nursing assistants have told me that the salary in long term care facilities is typically not as high as that in hospitals. The difference is not excessive, but it is there. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider working in a nursing home. It is a great place to start your career. In addition, there are other opportunities to raise your income even without a change in your pay rate. There is for example a weekend differential and time and a half for call-in and usually 2x the regular rate for shifts on major holidays. Because many nursing facilities are tight with staffing you may as well have the opportunity snatch up extra hours, which can substantially improve your salary as a CNA.

Community Care Facilities

Community Care Facilities are like long term care facilities, but depending on their license status often house patients with less need for personal care than nursing home patients. It is therefore a good option if you’re looking to dedicate most of your energy towards the individual patient, but it also has a pay that is about $1 per hour lower than that in long term care facilities.


To many the hospital is the most exciting place to be as a CNA. It opens a range of opportunities as a result of the large variety of work settings. For example, it is possible to work in the maternity unit, the medical/surgical floor or emergency room. But hospital work is not just exciting, it is also rewarding money-wise. Generally hospitals pay the highest CNA salary. As an added bonus you can also gain a lot of experience within a short time period, which can help greatly to negotiate a salary increase in your next job.

Home Health Aide

You know, there’s misconception around that a CNA can earn up to $20 hourly by working for private-paying clients. This is certainly true in some lucky cases, but not for the majority. The reason is that this amount of money typically is only paid for supervised home health, which means there must be a registered nurse that takes care of the patient and supervises your work. In this case the agency makes the $20 per hour of which she pays $11, something to the nurse and keeps the rest.

You may still work directly with the client, but only if your care is “unskilled”, meaning that you aren’t caring so much for the patient’s health, but the household. The going rate for this particular position is typically less than $20 per hours and needs no certification ($18 per hours is high). It’s also work difficult to find.

Instead you can arrange to work as a CNA through a home health agency. It will be relatively easy to actually find work because your CNA license requires more training than that of a home health aide. Your education provides an edge. Pay rates tend to be below those in hospitals, but they can come with the advantage that you care for just one patient at a time instead of many. So when you really want to take care of your patients this is a great way to start.

And you could even be able to do something regarding your income. Some agencies cover the cost of the gas needed to drive to your client. This increases your pay and is also tax-free. For instance, if you make $100 per month on gas payment then your corresponding salary value is roughly $125 since you don’t pay taxes. Agencies also pay 1.5x for over time and may be open to pay more when a case needs to be filled urgently.


Experience certainly helps. When a friend of mine started to work her salary was really low, however the contract she had with her employer guaranteed a raise each year due to her increased experience. When she finally left her job to search for another one her salary had gone up by $2 hourly because she already had several years of experience in multiple work settings.

For this reason it pays to work in various settings in your work place (e.g. hospital) or accept a diverse mix of cases when you’re in home health. Also ask your employer if they pay for continuing education courses – something that will most certainly look nice on your resume.


Lastly, don’t forget to consider the perks. I stated earlier how getting money for gas can get you a great 5% – 10% salary increase. But there are more options such as matching 401k (the employer contributes to your 401k the same amount of money you put in), insurance options, over time pay and paid vacation. Thus, when you search for your very first job right after you completed your CNA training it will help to interview with several potential employers and have a closer look at the offer they provide you with. There can be perks in the details that significantly improve your income.

Source by Thomas Adler

THe Difference Between Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing

It utilizes an assortment of digital channels like SEO (search engine optimization), social media and PPC (pay per click) to entice audiences towards a prospective brand. Digital marketing uses internet as the core medium of promotion which can be accessed using electronic gadgets like computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Internet marketing techniques such as search engine marketing (SEM), e-mails form an integral part of digital marketing. Moreover, it also includes non-internet channels like short messaging service (SMS) and multimedia messaging service (MMS), callbacks, etc. All these different channels form an integrated part of digital marketing. Digital marketing is considered a BTL Below-The-Line marketing as it targets a smaller and more concentrated group and works on forming loyal customers and creating conversions.

SMO or (SMM), on the other hand, is a branch or subset of digital marketing that excels at promotion using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and so forth. It makes the use of social media for the purpose of marketing. Social media relies heavily on the interaction of the users, sharing information and forming a community of sorts and hence has a ‘social’ element to it. It utilizes the creation of artistic content which is presented accordingly to lure the audience towards your products or services and create a brand following.

According to Zephoria Digital Marketing Consultants, there are over 1.71 billion monthly active Facebook users worldwide. This means that statistically Facebook is too big to ignore and hence, should be a vital part of your social media marketing strategies. Online video consumption on such platforms has been on a steady rise and is the next big thing in terms of marketing strategies. SMM is also a BTL Below-The-Line marketing as it relates to segregated groups formed over common interests on social media platforms.

Companies looking to address their marketing needs need to choose between a digital marketing agency or a specialist agency. If you are looking for someone to plan out your entire marketing strategy, then a digital marketing agency would be a good choice. However, if you are looking for someone to only handle the social media aspect of your strategy, then you are better off working with a specialist agency.

With the extreme popularity of digital media, people are more willing to incorporate digital marketing into their everyday lifestyle. As per the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) report, Internet ad revenues in the United States reached a staggering $27.5 billion in the first half of 2015.This has opened up several job opportunities world over. There is a high demand; however, we experience a dearth in the skilled workforce as people are still coming to terms with the rapid evolution of digital media.

To meet the increasing demands of talented individuals, there are several online courses in digital marketing available. A quick Google search on this topic will enlist a host of institutes that offer the mentioned lessons. The courses run for a number of days where all the related topics under the umbrella of digital marketing are addressed. Students gain valuable insights into the subject that enables them to carve a niche for themselves.

The digital marketing course includes basic understanding of marketing and advertising concepts and fundamental knowledge of statistical and analytical tools. They are also given comprehensive information about email marketing, SEO/SEM, pay per click, mobile marketing, online video among others.

Social media marketing courses include an in-depth understanding of the principles of social media, major social media sites, social media strategy and measuring social media. It offers a look into the strengths and weaknesses of the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. and delves deeper into the newest trends surfacing on social media.Social media is an indispensable part of digital media strategy. SM platforms are leveraged for the purpose of branding of a product or service as it provides a more interactive medium open for a two-way conversation. Digital marketing is more relevant in terms of creating brand awareness, marketing or reputation management. Although they have different online applications, they serve the larger purpose of brand advancement and customer conversion into leads and sales. Consumers have become more brand conscious with active participation and most spoilt for choice with the plethora of options available online. Their share in the overall marketing strategy has grown manifold rendering traditional strategy techniques obsolete. The rate at which digital media is advancing, it won’t be far fetched to imagine a future where virtual reality has transpired to every aspect of our existence.

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How Private Investigators Use Social Media To Conduct Online Investigations

The online world is quite similar to the digital world in certain aspects: you can make a name for yourself online, cause trouble, commit crimes, get noticed by the police, and get monitored by detectives to catch you in the act.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn contain large amounts of data. This is the reason why online search can also bring up the most accurate information. For this reason, it is crucial for users to get familiar with the advanced search options that are available on some of the big-name social media networks.


Being the most popular social media site in the world, Facebook also has the most extensive social search in the entire Internet. It allows people to make queries based on over 40 different dimensions, making it function like its own search engine. It combines the big data that is then compiled on its population of a billion users. It’s also an ideal place to start an online investigation.

The search criteria on Facebook comprehensively covers a lot of a person’s basic information. This would include name, gender, and date of birth. Facebook also enables search by dimensions related to the following:

  • Education
  • Work
  • Location
  • Position
  • Concentration

In addition, likes and interests are also searchable. They can range from what the subject likes, the groups they belong, the apps that they used, and the people they are following.

If other Facebook users recognize the name of anyone that the target has a relationship with, like their friends, or their family, private investigators can also use this information in their online search. For example, users can search based on the name of the target’s spouse, parents, siblings or children.

Previously, users were able to prevent their Facebook profiles from being visible in searches by adjusting their privacy settings. However, this feature is no longer available. The team at Facebook has just announced that users can no longer hide their profile.


LinkedIn is another viable avenue for conducting an online investigation, depending on the information that has been provided about a subject. The information that you use can then be cross-referenced from the information found on Facebook.

LinkedIn offers a variety of different search categories that are made available to everyone to search on. These categories would include a user’s current location, company, industry, previous companies, and the school they attended. Upgrading to a premium LinkedIn account can enable you to access additional categories like LinkedIn groups joined, interests, and company size.

LinkedIn also allows members to see other users who have viewed their profile. Users who are conducting online investigations need to be wary of this feature, especially if their investigation is covert.

Hiring an experienced Private Investigator

Conducting an online private investigation without much experience can have negative results. Not knowing exactly what you are doing can cause you more harm than good. So to help you with your research, you should consider hiring a private investigator to do the job for you. A private investigator that is experienced with online private investigation is knowledgeable with accessing private database that can be used to online and offline. The techniques that they use may involve making contact and reaching out to the subject and conducting covert surveillance.

Source by Alexandra Debray

Online Shopping – Advantages and Disadvantages

The advent of technology brought many benefits along with it, but the dark aspects are also not hidden. Activities that used to take a great deal of time are now cut down to a few clicks you perform online though the internet. When it comes to shopping, the online mode of it has brought about ease and comfort to a great extent. Shopping online looks like the easiest thing you can do when you are in a rush to get things. There you shopped and here you receive your items shipped to you in less then 24 hours time.

If you are thinking this is all what online shopping has brought about, then you certainly have ignored the other part of the story. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of online shopping.

Advantages of online shopping:

Online shopping is accessible round the clock. You can buy whatever you want even at 3 a.m. in the morning. You can choose from a wider variety of things available for you to shop which may not be available in the local brick and mortar stores. You also have the benefit to do all from the comfort of your own home. When you buy from online store you have the comfort to take your time while checking for the things of your choice, this will lead you to a simple and quick way to perform price comparison unlike the dissatisfied and hurried shopping you do in the local stores.

In addition, unlike local stores, you can avail discount coupons and get a thing at a lower rate when shopping online. Besides, when shopping online you can also avoid long lines to wait in and the unnecessary contact with cranky people. If you feel uncomfortable dragging your kids for shopping, online shopping is the best way to counter that. Most of us are sometimes concerned with private shopping; online shopping offers you a great platform to do so with comfort. Also, when you are buying gifts, online mode is the perfect way to send your distant friends or relatives the gift you wanted to send.

When it comes to payment, you can use anyone’s credit card when shopping online. A lot of us are concerned about the identity theft when hear about online shopping. Identity theft cases take place in reality in brick and mortar store itself and not online. Websites are secure these days with powerful encryption procedures that keep your identity safe and secure. Although there are a few where your information may not be secure, you can take a peaceful breathe when dealing with the vast majority of online shopping website. Consider websites that offer free shipping and this is definitely the way to go. As the price of gas is increasing, shipping and handling might be cheaper anyway.

Disadvantages of online shopping:

Although online shopping is 24/7 available, you cannot feel or touch items rather can just see what is present on a webpage whereas in brick and mortar stores you can see many things at a glance and buy after you feel or touch the product. As the term suggests, online shopping is only possible through the internet, therefore, the connection speed matter a lot here. Unlike conventional stores which don’t close unexpectedly, online stores incurs frequent malfunction.

The most common grumble people have with online stores is regarding warranties and some sort of guarantees, which they fail to offer in most cases. Apparently, these would mean nothing if the online store went bankrupt. Similarly returns are also very much difficult on online stores than in local stores.

It very normal that many online stores don’t accept cash or checks, although some sites do, you still have to use the credit cards. When purchasing online, billing errors are the common things you may encounter whereas in local stores these errors are nearly impossible.

The very big disadvantage an online website may have is the credit card security issue, despite the fact that how secure the website claims to be, you can not always trust them. There have been many cases where people realized that their credit card number has been stolen and has been used by others.

The bottom line is, online shopping is the ultimate solution people are finding today, but conventional stores are still here to stay.

Source by Ismail Ahmed Alhashmi